Team Profile 2013: #12, #27, #28, #56 Team 105

We are a Scout Group based in Manchester and this is our 5th year of competing in the British Pedal Car Series. This is also our 21st year in Scoutcar Racing.

Starting back in 1993 building a car in 5 days to compete in the National Scoutcar Championships in Wolverhampton. We had a great day and from that day on we have grown from strength to strength. Building more cars and encouraging more scouts to have a go. We have gained many successes in Scoutcar racing and once we purchased our first Apollo chassis from Jeremy the excitement and new challenges drove us forward.

We now have 3 Apollo's and have achieved many results in the race series, no more than our PC3 team becoming Champions in 2012. Our PC1 team have been moving up the table each year and are a great bunch of explorers and leaders.
Our PC 2 and 3 teams and now a PC4 team will ensure Team 105 enjoy racing for many years to come.

In all we have a stable of 10 cars for all ages and a store full of spares. This is an all round project for our Team keeping our cars in shape and raising funds to keep them going.

This race is our highlight and we have 4 teams competing as well as loaning out one of our cars.
The Scoutcar Nationals are the week after Shenington where we have 7 Cars entered so no rest for the team.

2014 sees our Team and Scout Group organising the National Scoutcar Championships in Manchester so we are hoping some of the Scout Teams competing today will enter.

Gary Hollingsworth
Team Manager
Team 105