Team Profile 2013: #15, #34, #35, #55 Phoenix Flyers

We are a Scout Pedal Car Team from South Yorkshire comprising of South Yorkshire Network, Doncaster Explorers and Scouts from Tickhill, a village outside Doncaster.

This is our 3rd visit to Shenington and this year the interest has been so great we have entered 4 cars.

We have 3 cars based on drawings given to us by Jes Featherstone and a 4th, home made one, affectionately known as “Doris”.

We had a pre-Shenington “shake down” at Wombwell and this has led us to make some minor changes to our 3 race cars and significant changes to Doris.

This year we have one car in PC1, one in PC2 and two in PC3. We have 4 Network Drivers who are now on their 3rd Shenington and 6 Scouts who are completely new to the Race.

At last year’s Race, a number of minor issues meant that we probably missed out on a Top Ten place in PC1 and so pre-season we have renewed a number of components on all 3 race cars.

Demand was so high for places in the Scout Teams we had to hold testing days to select Drivers and we have a Reserve Driver List.

In PC1 this year, we would be disappointed if we didn’t finish in the Top 10 and in PC2, second place is our aim.

In PC3, we just want our Scouts to enjoy the weekend, they are after all, our future PC1 and PC2 Drivers.

The main hope is to enjoy ourselves. It’s great to see the older Network Scouts encouraging the young Scouts and get them all mixed together in the Pit Garage.

We would also like some good weather as well!

Finally none of this would be possible without the hard work by our “Race Engineer” and PC1 Driver, Matt Kitchen, Doris Engineer, Stuart Nesham and the support we receive from Cycle Supreme of Doncaster.