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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a pedalcar, and if you saw it in the sky I'm sure the driver would be extremely grateful if you were to call for an ambulance.

Pedal car racing is a sport where teams of drivers race single-seater human powered cars in races of up to 24 hours in duration on circuits such as go-kart tracks like Shenington. With classes for juniors as well as adults, the sport actively encourages young people to learn team working and race craft, along with a good dose of physical fitness, whilst having a whole load of fun along the way.

The Shenington race is the only 24hr endurance race in the British Pedal Car Championship (BPCC). This website provides information about the sport in general, about this specific race, and provides live lap timings as well as news in the run up to the race.

Still wondering what it's all about? Picture the scene...

The 2015 race will be on June 27th - 28th

More information on the British Pedal Car Championship as well a forum with veterans and beginners alike can be found at www.pedalcarracing.info

The winners of 2014!

Final results for 2014 are available on the Lap Scores page, and are published here.

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